1990 the first Dalmatian joined us. It was a bitch Eulalia delle Valli, born in Bergamo ( Italy ) at Delle Valli Kennel and bred by Franco Ferrari. At that time, we didn’t realize that this puppy would have changed our lives. We didn’t plan any breeding nor showing. But a promise, given to Mr Franco Ferrari , who asked us to take the bitch to dogs shows, was the start of that kind of “desease” that most showing people have and that makes them travel a lot across the country and even the continent and lets them lots of money for the dogs and the shows. Since September 1991 till today (2006) we have been showing for over 14 years and breed since 1993. We mad up champion in several countries four dogs, 3 of them home bred. Furthermore a dog has gained the title of “campione riproduttore” (= stud champion).

In June 1992 a second Dalmatian joined us: Jassyn vom Schleihof, bred by Mrs Jutta Niklaus in Germany .

1994 we imported from Switzerland our first dog Bahati Rambler, bred by Ursula Rahm our of a line breeding with Salsusa / Olbero.

1996 we had the chance and the pleasure to import from the UK , from the well known kennel Elaridge ( Rita Stokes ), the bitch Elaridge End of the Rainbow (Emily). This might be well seen as our foundation bitch as with her we started our breeding program.. Emily has been shown across all Europe and has gained several champion titles. Furthermore she is the first British Dalmatian bitch that could go back to the UK in 2001 – thanks to the PETS Travel Scheme – to be mated with Elaridge Commander. We kept a white – black bitch from this litter Daumont Grey Satin Slippers (Joy). Joy gained the title of International FCI champion.

In 2005 Daumont Helmsmann (Toby) started his show career and has beeing placed first at several dog shows .

2006 Joy has gained the title of Italian champion. Toby has gained the title of Italian and Luxembourg champion.